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Existing platforms

aren't tailored for music

have no ongoing Support

have little incentive for fans

are high effort - low pay

could be better

Existing platforms offers either limited revenue stream to musicians or force them to produce extra content, hence distracting them from their original passion for creating wonderful tunes.

How it is now

Missing Dedicated Active Community


Musicians often struggle to find a fundraising platform that caters exclusively to the music community , where artists, fans, labels, and industry professionals gather. Existing fundraiser platforms accept projects from all industries, making it harder to foster a stronger sense of community engagement.

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Expensive Production Costs


Renting studio space or specialized equipment, hiring producers and sound engineers, paying for mixing, mastering, and distribution, the costs can quickly escalate.

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Muzikie solutions

Muzikie offers an auditable, democratic and modern solution to these issues. Benefiting from the blockchain technology Muzikie is a platform for young and promising artists to grow and shine to the fullest of their potential.

All About Music

Since all campaigns on Muzikie are music specific, artists find like minded artists, fans discover new trends, labels and venue owners find new talents.

Launchpad For Artists

Muzikie is a unique platform where artists can receive funds for their upcoming endeavor by sharing easy-to-produce content with fans and music lovers.

Exciting For Fans

Muzikie is a platform where fans can receive free or discounted tickets and other exclusive perks in return for supporting artists. Music lovers can also discover new artists and be the first to listen to their new songs.

Bridge Through Music

Muzikie helps you easily discover who has a similar taste of music to you? Your friend or even your favorite singer!

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